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Yeah I think I'm coming back, *signs.* just had to think about stuff on here and the real world itself. But sadly I wouldn't be drawing anyone characters for them.....sorry if anyone being waiting for there characters.....and other bad news my scanner die on me so Its going to take a longer time for getting a new one.....I don't know......since I'm saving up for a new laptop...or decktop. 


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Wolf Freak
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
High King of the Wolves

Full name: Reed Moon Silverfang
Nicknames: Read, Reade, Reid, Reide, Reyd.
Gender: Male
Species: Great wolf demon
Age: 20’s
Birthday: November 18th
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Old English “British”
Religion: The great wolf mother and father
City or town of birth: The high wolf kingdom
Currently lives: In the palace of the high wolf kingdom
Languages spoken: Unknown
Native Language: British
Relationship Status: :iconask-diana-the-dragon: ((Alice))
Physical Appearance:
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 176lbs.
Figure/build: Well-built, his naturally in good shape.
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: Long and messy also a bit spike.
Eyes color: Golden
Skin/fur/etc. color: While, with a couple of black fur on his shoulder, around his arms and hands. Also around his feet, there also some black fur around his sides where his ads are.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars/distinguishing marks: One on his eyes, a single on his cheek and chest and two long scars right-side on the king’s body. On his right arm there is three scars from a saber tooth-tiger did attack him. On his the same right arm there is a large and long scar going up and down on his forearm.
Frequently worn jewelry: Royal jewelry around his wrists, and neck. Also upper arm.
Preferred style of clothing: Practical royal suit
Personality: Gentle, Kind, Understanding, Playful, Romantic, Sweet toward his love ones and friends, Overprotective. Reed can be aggressive when someone threatens family and friends; or his people.
Likes: Howling toward the moon when its night at, any meat and veggies also fruits (even sometimes it make him sick), water, his family and friends, some of the nobles and other kings and queens in the wolf kingdom. Walking around his or other people kingdoms, meeting new people, nice people, children, nice sunny days, listing to the rain. Swimming, playing in the snow by throwing snowballs.
Dislikes: Mainly its criminals; but he really hates assassins. He dislike when people harm his love ones and his friends he likes, war between the other wolf kings and queens, some of the other wolf royalties. Sometime doing the royal duties, and paperwork, the Bloodfang family. A flower named wolfsbane.
Fears/phobias: Assassins, has a bit fear of the Winterfang and the Bloodfang families.
Hobbies: Swimming, hanging around his love ones and friends, howling at the moon, walking around and talking to people.
Taste in music: Unknown, his is not very picky about music. But the like’s soft tone music.
Talents/skills: A good swordsman, he is able to knockdown enemies with a backwards power attack. But he is also able to disarm an enemy’s weapons out of their hands. The king can also able do a forward power attack to an enemy.
Eating Habits:
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Carnivore, Reed is able to eat veggies and fruits ((but sometimes eating veggies and fruits make him sick.))
Favorite food(s): Apple, anytime of meats.
Favorite drink: Water
Disliked food: Wolf meat
Disliked drinks: Watery wine or any drinks that is watery.
Occupation: High King of the Wolves
Peaceful or aggressive: Mainly he peaceful, but when anyone harms his people or love ones and friend he’ll be aggressive.
Fighting skills/techniques: Close combat, able to knockdown, disarm and a foreword power attack to an opponent’s.
Special skills/magical powers/etc.: Able to turn into a large wolf ((something like a werewolf, but larger than normal)), he can shoot out fire. Able to knockdown, disarm and foreword power attack.
Weapon of choice:
• Royal family wolf sword ((golden))
• Royal dagger wolf dagger ((daggers))
• And magic spell (fire)
Weaknesses in combat: Weapons that is cloaked with a flower named Wolfsbane, and long-range weapons.
Strengths in combat: Close combat, agility, somewhat skills with magic mainly fire.
Family, Friends and Foes:
Parent’s name: High King Ralph Moon Silverfang ((father, deceased)), High Queen Keira Shine Silverfang ((mother, alive))
Are his parents alive or dead? Only Reed’s father is deceased not his mother
Is Reed still in contact with his mother? Why yes, she is his mother after all. But also the High Chancellor of the wolves.
Siblings: Viktor Shine Silverfang and Grimmjow “Grim” Moon Silverfang. Both are his brothers.
Other Important Relatives: Nathan Claw Silverfang (grandfather), and Fay “The Mist” Silverfang ((grandmother, deceased))
Best Friends: Hao Eaglebloom ((panda, who teach the high king’s people to eat fruits and veggies)), Raina “The Dancing Flower” Woodfang ((the daughter of the woodland king)), Ian Growl Hallefang ((son of a nobleman)), Lei Hao Mistfang ((a wolf monk for eat veggies and fruits.)
Pet(s): Couple of wolves from the wild.
Acquaintance: Many
Enemies: Some humans and dark elves, bandits, assassins, the Bloodfang family ((household)).

Reed’s Backstory:
Reed is the son of High King Ralph Moon and High Queen Keira Shine Silverfang; he is the first born of set, of triplets. Which his other brother’s names are: Viktor Shine Silverfang and Grimmjow “Grim” Moon Silverfang. When Reed and his brothers were eighteen years old there father was assassinate by one of the members of the Bloodfang family, then try killing the old high king wife and pups there and now.

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